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When looking to sell your property, there are tons of things to do. While no doubt you will be interested in hiring an agent, you can take it a step further and instead go with a real estate marketing agency. Real estate marketing agencies are services that perform a wide range of tasks. Both sellers and buyers can utilize these services to help achieve their goals. These companies also provide services to real estate agents, but that’s a topic for another day.

So to answer the question, here are the X ways a real estate marketing agency can help get your property out there.

Create Content

What better way to market your property than to create interesting content that captivates the reader? In the US alone, 6,44 million houses are sold every year. Sellers use all kinds of strategies to market their properties, and one way to do that is through content. A real estate marketing agency will create all kinds of content to help you achieve your goal. From taking good photos to drone footage, they know the industry trends and can identify the right content that sells. These companies will try to tell interesting stories that captivate readers.

Through the use of photography and copywriting, a real estate marketing agency will create interest around your property. Since buyers mostly look for houses online, they know how to create a sales copy that not only attracts buyers but also helps your listing stand out.

Online Advertising

The main goal of any marketing agency is to advertise. For companies that specialize in real estate, the goal is to advertise their client’s listings and help attract more buyers. Just like hiring a consultant for an upcoming project, a real estate marketing agency will advise how to advertise and what channels to use. Here is a rundown of what these companies offer.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is becoming a valuable tool in real estate. Agents that know how to use social media to drive traffic to your online listings will attract more buyers. Much like using a real estate agent, a marketing agency will utilize social media for the purpose of getting your property out there. Some of the more popular social channels include Facebook and Twitter. Modern agencies also use Instagram, but they also use more professional channels like LinkedIn.

Real Estate Listing Websites

One of the main channels to advertise your property online, real estate listing websites are specifically focused on the buying and selling of properties. These listing websites are many and exist as a place where buyers and sellers can “meet”. Real estate marketing agencies will utilize the industry and create listings on these websites. Some of the more popular ones include Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Foreclosure, Apartments, and more.

These listing websites offer sellers a wide range of services. Each one comes with unique features that help the seller in some way. For example, Trulia is a listing website that is also a smartphone app. If you’re looking to rent your property, then Apartments is a listing website that caters to your needs.

Print Media

Real estate marketing agencies also focus on traditional ways to advertise your property. While promoting on Facebook and Trulia is necessary, so is using traditional media like print. Print media can have a big impact on how successful your listing is. By creating newspaper ads, leaflets, and similar print media, you are advertising to a demographic that doesn’t use the internet as the main source for looking up properties. Since plenty of people enjoy reading the morning paper with their coffee, print media advertises to these individuals. If you’re unsure of the effectiveness of print media, know that 9.8$ billion is spent on newspaper advertisement every year in the US.

Home Styling

A real estate marketing agency will recommend additional steps to take that will help your property sell more. While so far we’ve discussed ways to get the property out there, this last one has to do with selling your house much faster and for a much bigger price. Namely, home styling is an effective way to achieve that. Home styling is all about decluttering and depersonalizing your space so that buyers can easily visualize it as their own. This helps you in numerous ways. For starters, it attracts more buyers, makes your house more attractive to buyers, and helps them make a decision much faster. Since buyers don’t want to see your pictures hanging on the walls, a real estate marketing agency will recommend the appropriate actions that will help your house sell much faster.

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